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This 4-page Excel workbook allows you to quickly enter details from an adventure and calculate experience for your players. It can give equal or individualized XP, and easily calculates battle XP, just give it the CR and # met.Fileauthor: Marie

For all of you that love the Original WotC character sheet this is for you. This is a remake that i have been working on, it's totaly based off of the original thats in the back of the book.Fileauthor: WarpCycle OS: Document License: Freeware Fi

6 pages. 3 pages for all classes, then one page each for each different class information.Fileauthor: Marie Altobelli (Ladyofdragons) OS: Document License: Document Fileauthor: Marie Altobelli Homepage: Home

An Excel workbook for calculating the cost and time to build a castle based on rules found in DMGR2:The Castle Guide. Sample included. Fileauthor: Grizz OS: Document License: Freeware Filesize: 7.08

3 page character sheet in excel. High color graphics.Fileauthor: John the Greek OS: Document License: Freeware

This program easily calculates XP level values & CP costs when designing a custom class for 2nd edition AD&D.OS: Windows License: Freeware Filetype: ZIP of executable (.exe) and text files.

Denrandrien's Thieves Guild Generator

This program randomly generates a thieves guild for a town, complete with lead NPC thief characters and some random notes about the town and the guild, according to the complete book of thieves .OS: Windows License: Freeware Fileauthor: Denrandr


A mostly fully-customizable worksheet with 3 separate sections.Fileauthor: Marie Altobelli (Ladyofdragons) OS: Document License: Freeware Homepage: Homepage Filesize: 15.00

This Excel workbook lets you randomly generate wilderness encounters from a d100 table. The table can be edited to include your own entries, and the sheet can be modified for a greater or lesser chance of encounters.Fileauthor: John Deines OS: D

This is an equipment generator I created. It used all of the SRD items. I

a spreadsheet that helps select gear for a PC or NPC, with pre-calculated costs for magic armor, weapons, and common magic items, plus spaces to enter your own customized gear. Tells you how much money the character has left to spend, and dumps it all int ...

This two-page sheet allows you to organize a character's known spells and mark them memorized, and has space for level/casting information and special abilities. Useful for any spellcasting class.Fileauthor: Justin R. Germino OS: Document Licens

Logicus Names Synthesizer

This DOS names synthesizer has editable configurations to create your own fantasy naming conventions. Includes mouse support.OS: DOS License: Freeware

StatusArchived (Defunct/Dead/Out-Of-Print)

This Database is a table containing 177 different NWPs gathered from different TSR sourcebooks.OS: Document License: Freeware Fileauthor: Jason Esau Homepage: Homepage Filetype: ZIP of

StatusArchived (Defunct/Dead/Out-Of-Print)

Hate writing all over your pristine record sheet? This session-specific sheet keeps track of your temporary modifiers, spells cast, wounds, treasure found, and other game notes such as people met or things you did. DMs can also have their players fill out


This program quickly populates a town or city according to population with a list of assorted establishments & NPCs. No print ability.   OS: Windows License: Freeware Fileauthor: W. Eric C. Ferguson

StatusArchived (Defunct/Dead/Out-Of-Print)
Psionic Powers Assistant v4.6

windows program to help generate psionic abilities under different systems & configurations (regular, dark sun, MTHAC0, etc.) OS: Windows License: Freeware Fileauthor: Ema Homepage: Homepage Filetype: ZIP of executable (.exe) file

StatusArchived (Defunct/Dead/Out-Of-Print)
Random Encounter Generator

This DOS program generates a random monster according to terrain, climate & time of day.OS: DOS License: Freeware Fileauthor: James Wu

Riddle Maker v1.0

Been looking for a few stumpers to tease your PCs with? This small bit of software can help you out. Comes with 170 riddles.Fileauthor: John Godley Filetype: ZIP of Executable (.exe) and related files

StatusArchived (Defunct/Dead/Out-Of-Print)

Critical hit/fumble generator that takes into account attacker weapon size, target size, attacker skill level, target armor type, hit location, weapon plusses, target magic protectionsFileauthor: Egoslayer1 Homepage: