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Welcome to D20Critical.com

D20Critical.com is the latest in my long history of attempts to create a D&D related website.  A lot has happened since 1998, both in terms of web technology and Dungeons and Dragons.  The game has gone through a few edition changes, an opening of the system and a split, and there are people out there who still play each of those editions.  The site has moved through plain HTML, to PHP work I did myself, to Content Management Systems, to Forum-based Systems, and now it's back to a CMS again.

What remains constant is the reason I created this website back in 1998: to share cool stuff you can use to assist in playing D&D (or as it stands today, 2E, 3E, 3.5E, 4E, Pathfinder, and soon D&D Next).  This latest version of my website slims back down to that "critical" path.  

  • In the Resources section, you can find loads of stuff for players and DMs.  There's resources for each edition, and for items that can be used by any game.
  • There's also our forums, if you're looking for something and can't find it, just ask!

Newest Resources